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What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

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Ark of the Covenant CoverMy new book, What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant and Other Bible Mysteries, is finally out.

At the moment, I don’t think it’s in stock in Amazon yet, but you can [order it here->].

Among the crucial questions that I address are:

  • How tall was Zacchaeus?
  • What was so special about Joseph’s coat?
  • Why does Peter disappear?
  • Why did Judas kiss Jesus?
  • Did Jesus visit the theatre?
  • Exactly how much could Samson lift?

And a lot more. I think it’s pretty good fun, really. Along the way I look at Mesopotamian love potions, the difficulties of travelling by ship and whether Goliath was, in fact, a member of the Philistine SAS.

So if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas present, well, it’s either this or some aftershave.