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Tintin in Paris

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tintin7.jpgI’ve always had a soft spot for Tintin – more for the graphic style of the art rather than the stories. After all, there are only so many amazing escapes that one can take although Captain Haddock’s repertoire of insults is always entertaining). The image comes from a new exhibition of Herge’s work at the Pompidou centre in Paris.

batintin.jpgThe artwork in Tintin is what’s called ligne claire or clear line. The thickness of the lines rarely varies and the images are wonderfully clean and uncluttered. It’s a cartoon style, but, in the hands of Herge, capable of subtle effects. The other major factor is the bold use of colour. The rocket, for example, has little shading, but uses blocks of primary colour, reminiscent of japanese prints.

Anyway, I love the artwork – and nothing more than the iconic curves of this 1950’s spaceship. Let’s face it, there should be a law that all spaceships should look like this.