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Three dishwasher hoses, two rodents…

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Hamstergate. Part 3000007.

As some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago the hamster went missing (again). She’d previously escaped for nine weeks before being recaptured.

Anyway, As if a missing hamster wasn’t enough, two days ago we came down to find that the hose to the dishwasher had been chewed through and there were mouse droppings. Kitchen mildly flooded. So we set the trap and replaced the hose.

Came down yesterday to find the hose chewed through, more water everywhere and a rather moist mouse in a trap. Replaced the hose again (wrapped in a layer of lino for more protection) and got rid of the mouse.

Came down this morning to find the hose (and lino) really thoroughly chewed through and water flooding everywhere.

It was only while we were mopping up that we looked down and saw a face appear in the cupboard. A hamster face. A soggy hamster face.

Clearly the hamster had been chewing the water hose all along. And then framing the mouse.

This is one seriously criminal hamster.

Anyway, she’s back behind bars.

For now…