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Thinking outside the pulpit

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Claire and I are writing a book on preaching. (Or maybe a book about not preaching.) Anyway, in thinking about this, I wondered why it is that every book you read about preaching talks about other preachers. Every course I’ve ever seen on preaching is taught by preachers. So I got to thinking why don’t preachers learn from other people? Why don’t they learn from other communicators?

For example, I rarely see Powerpoint used well in a church. It’s either telling me things I already know, or showing me clip art that makes my eyeballs gag. If you want to learn how to use Powerpoint, look at great practitioners. Here’s Seth Godin speaking at a conference. Actually, this is not just a great use of Powerpoint, it’s a really good presentation. Every slide makes a point, the opening props are used well. He speaks without notes, makes some fluffs, but that’s fine. Because it has life and energy and humour.