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The Tabloid Returns

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Tabloid Bible New CoverAfter being out of print for a while, The Tabloid Bible is back. I’ve revamped it a bit, changed a few items here and there, but mostly, I think it stood up very well for a book written 8 years ago. Some references are showing their age a bit — most notably the reference to Elton John singing Candle in the Wind at Diana’s funeral (in The Tabloid Bible the event is the funeral of David and the song is called Camel with the Wind. Subtlety was never my strong point.) And it has the most gorgeous man on the front cover. Who could he be?

ColvinOther latest happenings… discovering [Firefly->] and [Serenity->]… new Shawn Colvin album… There’s a reference to my book In Search of the World’s Worst Writers in [the Times->,,923-2377011.html], in reference to a celebration of Amanda McKittrick Ros – the worst writer ever… and I’m still recovering from the Ryder Cup. Not that I played, but I feel like I did.