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Saint Ricky Ponting

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The Australians, in the form of Ricky Ponting, have accused England of timewasting during the thrilling first test at Cardiff.

Ricky Ponting? Surely not the same Ricky Ponting who in this report from 2005 is accused of indulging in ‘time-wasting, messing about with field changes and “tactical” conversations and slow walking and little exercises and prolonged ball-polishing’?

No, couldn’t be him. Or the Ricky Ponting who ‘resorted to the unacceptable gamesmanship of time wasting to try and pull off a victory against the Black Caps‘. According to the report, ‘Australia’s bowling session ran an incredible 30 minutes over time as Ponting had talk sessions with his bowlers towards the end of the innings.’

You know I could cope with Ponting taking the moral high ground if he’d ever actually been there.