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Carry on Cleo not strictly historical shock

Nice piece in the Grauniad this morning about [the historicity – or otherwise – of Carry on Cleo->]. Speaking as one who used to have a sound sample of Kenneth Williams shouting ‘Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!’ on his computer (in the early days of Mac Powerbooks – before custom ringtones – it was always fun to play this on crowded railway carriages) I am firmly of the belief that this film is a masterpiece. but I did like the bit about the Egyptian sense of humour:

the Egyptians themselves couldn’t get enough of jokes about boobs and toilets. Examples from temples and tombs include sidesplitting gags about a duck pecking someone on the backside, a hammer falling on a man’s head, and a defecating hyena.

Not sure where she got this from, but I’ll investigate. After all, a defecating hyena – comedy gold dust.