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Back from the Lakes

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Apologies for the slight hiatus in posting. I was away for the first half of the week speaking at the Keswick Literary Festival, which was great. I didn’t manage to hear many other speakers, but I enjoyed discovering more about the artist John Piper and Juliet Barker’s talk about the decades following Agincourt was brilliant. (One of the interesting facts that Juliet Barker brought out was that Joan of Arc was not executed by the English, but by the French. Or, at least, French collaborators. I’ll blog more on this in due course.)

After that it was back home, to find out that The Longest Week has been shortlisted for Christian Reference Book of the Year. Which is nice.

Then yesterday took my wife out to celebrate her birthday with a surprise party for her in the evening. So a great week, which, today, leaves me wondering what disaster all this has been preparing me for…

Anyway, will get back to blogging asap. In the meantime, here’s some John Piper to be going on with…