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CEV Youth Bible

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Well, the CEV Youth Bible is out and has generated a load of controversy! The problem has been caused by the Sunday Telegraph article. Generally speaking, if there is a stick, the Telegraph will always grab the wrong end of it, and they certanly didn’t mess about this time, as the article implies that this is a completely new translation of the Bible which ‘dumbs it down’ for young people and alters the words to fit in with today’s society. (This struck me as mildly ironic, since one of the main things I’m trying to do with the Youth Bible is help kids to constructively and very definitely not fit in with today’s society).

Anyway, cue a load of frothing at the mouth from the more knee-jerk prone parts of the Christian world and me being condemned by both the Lord’s Day Observance Society and the Latin Mass Society. Still, it has given me the opportunity to do loads of interviews to explain what is actually the case: it’s not a ‘warped translation’, it’s the Contemporary English Version, with a load of (I hope) interesting and relevant features in it. I’ve just done a weekend of interviews and next week I’m off to Greenbelt to answer questions on Monday.