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More quirk anyone?

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Trying to explain what Explorer’s Notes: The Bible book was like, I had a look at the official blurb. And it runs:

‘It is a truly distinctive pocket guide to the Bible, bringing together Nick Page’s quirky and informative style with imaginative layouts bringing new depth and variety to help you understand the key people, places and events of the Bible.’

Quirky. Whenever I write anything I am described as ‘quirky’. People employ Claire and I because, apparently, we are quirky. We have quirk. What does it mean? Strange? Weird? Loveably eccentric? The dictionary defines a quirk as ‘a peculiarity of behaviour’, but, in my opinion, the only reason why our work is ‘peculiar’ is because so much that is published in the Christian world is just dull. Either way, I’ve lost count of the number of times quirkiness has been applied to my books.

I’m thinking of making our mission statement ‘Nick and Claire Page – Speaking Quirk Unto the Nations’.