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And here’s another idea…

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I don’t know what it is, but I’ve got idea overload at the moment. I sold three book ideas last week alone, one of which I only thought of on the train on the way to the meeting. Sometimes it just goes like that; you can hardly walk down the street without another idea popping up. (Other times it’s just the opposite, of course: your bain appears to have left you and run off with another body.)

Of course, none of these ideas are guaranteed to sell; for all I know they may be absolute rubbish, but it doesn’t seem that way at the moment. Seems like I’m just in one of those times when everything just clicks. Partly it’s experience: I guess after all this time I have a pretty shrewd idea what will sell and what will attract publishers. More than that, I’ve got a good idea how to sell it to them.

But even so, it feels an unusually creative time at the moment; the brain is buzzing, the pages of my Moleskine are filling up with scribble and the white board in the office is looking like the plan of action for some bizarre military campaign. Looks like it might be a busy winter ahead.

Now, the real problem is that I’ve got to write the damn things…