Nick Page

Mr & Mrs Page Prepare for a Bracing Dip

On December 8th Claire and I will be going for a swim. Outdoors. In an unheated pool.




We’ll be taking part in the OSS December Dip at Parliament Hills Lido. The water temperature will be anything between 6 degrees and 0.1 degrees. We are already in training, taking an ice cold shower every morning.

We’re doing this to raise money for charity. You can find out more at our everyday hero sponsorship page.

We’re raising money for boreholes in northern Nigeria, where women and children often have to walk miles to collect water from wells in hostile communities, risking their personal safety to meet their family’s needs.

Please help us to make a huge SPLASH and change thousands of lives in northern Nigeria. Donate here – and you can lie in your snug warm bed with a clear conscience on December 8th.


The swim was duly completed. Thanks to everyone for their generous support, we raised over £2300. And here’s a video to prove that we did it: