Nick Page

Galilean new town and the bathtub of Jesus’ enemies

Two recent discoveries in Israel. In Galilee, researchers from Reading University have discovered the possible site of Dalmanutha, mentioned in the New Testament. Jesus stopped here after the feeding of the 4,000. It’s close to the site of Migdal, which would place it on the western shore of Galilee.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, archaeologists have been excavating a luxurious mansion from the first century, complete with palatial bath tubs. Sounds mundane, but these kind of high-status ritual baths were associated with the Sadducees, who were running the Temple at the time of Jesus’ death, and who were chiefly responsible for wanting him out of the way. So what we’re dealing with here may be a house of one of the major High Priestly families who were involved in the political machinations around Jesus’ death.