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Lebanon letters

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There’s an excellent and thought-provoking exchange of letters on the Christianity Today website about the current conflict in Lebanon. The two correspondents — Dr. Martin Accad and Professor David P. Gushee — are eloquent, gracious and perceptive. A couple of quotes from both correspondents:

Because the Bible says so, I believe that one day Christ will return and at last (praise God) every tear shall be wiped away and all this killing will end. But elaborate end-times scenarios that conveniently involve apocalyptic warfare in the Middle East repulse me, for two reasons. One is that they are speculative creations that go beyond the Bible’s own specific teachings. The other is that they cut the nerve of moral effort to make peace and work for justice right here and right now.
From [We Risk Not Just Suffering, But Annihilation->]

Seven hundred thousand out of a total Lebanese population of 3.5 million, 20 percent of the population, mostly Shiites, are now being cared for and given refuge by mostly Christian schools, churches, and other humanitarian organizations. This is the story of the Good Samaritan at a mega scale! And to think that this is the outcome of a strategy that meant to rouse anti-Hezbollah feelings among the Lebanese population and government. Talk about a failed strategy! Of course, this has happened so many times before that any thoughtful tactician would have learned the lesson by now, but military muscle is always too hedonistic and narcissistic to listen to the voice of reason and history.
From [‘Who Is My Neighbor’ in the Lebanon-Israel Conflict?->]

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