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Reasons to own an iPad

Torygraph has some nice arguments for convinving your spouse or boss that you need an iPad.

I particularly liked the argument that ‘It’s cheaper than a laptop, if the laptop is made of gold.’

Actually, I didn’t even have to convince my spouse that I needed one. She fell in love with the iPad the moment she saw it. This is the first time that she has ever expressed any desire for any form of modern technology in 25 years of marriage. I had to sit down for quite a while. I’m still not entirely sure I didn’t dream it.

I toyed with the idea of getting up horrendously early and going and queuing outside a store, but then I thought:

a) I have mine on order for next week.

b) I’m 49.

c) It meant ‘getting up horrendously early.’

So I stayed in bed. Like displaying flash and multi-tasking, there are some things that are simply beyond the iPad.