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The ten basic Bible plots

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OK, my latest book went off to the editor today. I’m very pleased with it, which is unusual for me, because normally by this stage I think everything in the world is awful and am taking a vow never to write again. Anyway, it’s going to be called The Big Story and it’s an attempt to retell the Bible narrative in 50 bite-sized chunks. Along the way, however I’ve been trying to identify some key Bible themes — not the normal kind of themes (e.g. justification, grace, etc.) but little stories which get repeated again and again. It seems to me that there’s something very important about the way in which certain plots and characters keep popping up in the Bible. (I got the idea from Christopher Booker’s huge book, [The Seven Basic Plots->], which I’m working through at the moment.) My ten basic plots are:

  • The Miraculous Rescue
  • The Unexpected Child
  • The Wilderness Encounter
  • The New Name
  • The Right Way
  • The Necessary Sacrifice
  • The Enduring Promise
  • The Younger Son
  • The God Who Lingers
  • The Return to Life

I’ll put some more info up in the near future (and probably change the titles before publication!) but these stories occur again and again in the Bible narrative. All thoughts gratefully appreciated.