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The perfect house

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We’ve been having massive building work at home for the last couple of months, building work which will, of course, make our lives perfect and miraculously turn us into happy, fulfilled human beings. At least that’s what the magazines seem to promise. It’s the idea that if you get your surroundings perfect, then the inner you will be transformed. I think it was Stendahl who wrote that ‘All architecture is the promise of happiness’; and certainly our society has taken that on board. Whilst your surroundings clearly have an impact on you (I always feel more in control when my desk is clear) it can only do so much. What matters is the inner life: the family relationships, the love,  fun, laughter, worship, conversation, activities which make up the household. We crave simpler lives, so we embrace minimalism. Clean, white, loads of glass, but all the clutter is still there, stuffed away into cupboards.

I love architecture and have spent a lot of my time over Christmas reading great tomes about it. But it’s art, not magic. In the end, our house will be an expression of who we are; that’s the thing about life – it all works from the inside out.

Anyway, here’s the house I really want. It’s the Moomin house from the books by Tove Jansson. Now if I lived there, then everything would be perfect…