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The art of living compactly

I’m always intrigued by ingenuity in fitting a lot of living into a small space. Claire and I started out our married life in a bedsit, our living room was our bedroom. I wish we’d had this kind of furniture.
I love the desk that converts into a bed. It would enable me to combine two of my passions: writing and sleeping.

Mind you, the bloke who has decided to live in this nomadic micro-house might find all of it way too big.

Alec Farmer, who is researching ‘a movement from the 1960’s and 70’s known as the ‘Urban Nomad’ movement’ has decided to live in this pod for a year. In Glasgow.

It’s based on the work of a designer called Ken Isaacs, whose designs were ‘smaller than architecture but bigger than furniture’. I quite fancy one of these in the garden…