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Scrivener 1.0

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Scrivener.jpgFor some months I’ve been using the beta version of a writing tool called [Scrivener->]. Now it’s out in the first ‘official’ version.

Scrivener is simply one of the best tools for writers I’ve ever seen. Its strength is that it allows you to write – to get all the stuff out from your head and onto the page (or the screen, at least). I always tell would-be writers that the most important thing is to hammer out the first draft and get it organised and structured; Scrivener helps with that rather brilliantly.

One of Scrivener’s key strengths is that you can do all the hard work within one document. Based on a card index metaphor, Scrivener allows you to keep clippings, illustrations and research notes in the same basic document as your writing. There are a lot of nifty features (like a full-screen writing mode) but the real joy is the corkboard organisational style (which harks back to a wonderful classic mac application call 3×5). This allows you to shift digital index cards (or collections of cards), photos and clippings around in whatever order you want.

It’s a programme designed by a writer for writers. And all you need to use it is $34.95 and a Mac running 10.4, of course. (But then you should have a Mac anyway – where’s your self-respect?) You can [find out more here->].