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Pan’s Labyrinth

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Well, Claire and I went to see a film the other night which is a rare event. I watch loads of films, but mainly on DVD due to lack of planning with babysitting, etc. poster1.jpgAnyway I chose Pan’s Labyrinth, which had received very good reviews and was directed by [Guillermo del Toro->]. I love Hellboy which he also directed. This, however, is a different kettle of fish. Or, being Guillermo del Toro, a different kettle of ‘something fish-shaped but with a human head and definitely very scary’. Set in the Spanish civil war, it’s an interweaving of two plots – a young girl’s discovery of her role in a fairy-tale quest; and the battle between her vicious, cruel Fascist step-father and the local Communist guerrillas. I thought it was a remarkable film. The quest element is beautifully realised and the interweaving of the plots is beautifully constructed and very moving. Claire, on the other hand, thought it was deeply clunky and spent the last quarter of an hour of the film with her eyes closed due to the relentless violence. Has to be said, it’s not an easy film to watch. There is a lot of blood. And a torture scene. Or two. And a bit where the evil fascist bloke sews his own cheek back together.

Hmm. Maybe next time I’ll let her choose…