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Off again

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I’m off to Kenya tomorrow for a meeting. I haven’t been there since 2003 in the aftermath of the election. Then Nairobi was buzzing; Daniel arap Moi had gone and his party thrown out, there was a new president and everyone had high hopes. Those hopes have [had a tough time since->], with numerous accusations of corruption, the sacking of the entire cabinet, [fears that the president was trying to grab power->] and [an apparent attack on the media->]. So it will be interesting to see what the mood is now. Africa so desperately needs a successful, corruption-free government; a beacon country to show the way. Kenya has so much going for it, but when it the average Kenyan pays [an estimated 16 bribes a month->] and when the incoming government spent [more on new cars for officials than it did on combatting malaria->], you wonder if anything ever is going to change.