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Lady in the Water

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Lady in water poster[David Thomson in the Indy->] has given M Night Shyamalan — and every movie he’s made since Sixth Sense — a real kicking. Alright he’s got a silly name and he obviously has an ego the size of a planet, but I always find his films interesting and intelligent. (And I loved Unbreakable.) The catalyst for this outpouring of abuse appears to be his latest film, [Lady in the Water->] (which has been roundly panned) and an apparently sycophantic book about him. I think the thing is, he’s a myth-maker. He tells fairy stories. And fairy stories always have that slight sense of unreality about them. Anyway the latest film has Paul Giamatti in. Don’t tell me that any film with Paul Giamatti can be bad. I won’t believe you.