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Jerusaleynsham starts here

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Happy Palm Sunday to you all.

jerusaleynsham_sml.jpgHere in Eynsham we’re about to embark on a series of events commemorating the events of Holy Week at the time they occurred and at the place they occurred, only in Eynsham.

So where, for example, it says Jesus did something in the morning on a certain day, we will meet in the morning on that day (and Jewish mornings began at sunrise!) to read the Bible and think about it.

But not only that we’ll meet in roughly the right location. I’ve superimposed [a map of ancient Jerusalem over the OS map of Eynsham->] and we’ll be meeting at the traditional locations. I’m hoping the experience will give people an idea of both the timescale of events and also the geographical scale involved. We start this morning by marching in from Bethphage (Cassington) over the Mount of Olives and down towards the Temple (or the Playing Fields as it’s now known)!

Of course, even though you might not be in Eynsham, you can still [follow the timetable yourself->]. Let me know how you get on.

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