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I’ve seen a cover I like…

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Fascinating blog posts from The Rap Sheet, looking at Copycat Covers. In this age of stock photos the same pictures crop up on different books.
I like these two. Two entirely different subjects, but both using that pretty little church and the same basic layout.

I wonder who got there first?

Cover 1cover 2

When you’re thinking about a cover you more often than not think about design that you like and covers you have already seen. So you say ‘I want it to feel like so-and-so’s book.’ And for a designer, who often aren’t getting paid that much for their covers, I guess it can be a bit easy just to do a straightforward steal.

Perhaps the most outrageous example is in this post, where the same shadowy image of a man graces four different crime books. Or this post which lists seventeen covers featuring the most famous bottom in history.