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Explorers Notes v Bible Book

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Hannah Swinyard posted a comment on [the books page->] asking the difference between the two books.

Once I’d got over the amazement of having anyone want to buy my books I sent a reply which I thought I’d share more widely. Just on the offchance there might be more gullible people out there.

1) Explorer’s Notes (EN) has more history and background material, but less detail about the Bible. It’s more about the background e.g. people, places. So lots of maps and photos.
2) Bible Book has more on the history of the Bible and much more detail on the Bible itself. It’s more of a commentary than EN. it goes through the Bible book by book and section by section. It also has more on the tricky bits of the Bible.

Fundamentally they do different things. You can see [samples from the EN here->]

And a couple of sample spreads from the Bible Book: Bible Book Pages 32-33 and Bible Book Pages 20-23.

They should give you an idea. Incidentally I’m working on a proposal to update the Bible Book. If there’s anything not in it that you always thought should be there do let me know.