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‘Church of the Ark’ found on West Bank

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This from the Daily Telegraph:

Archaeologists claimed yesterday to have uncovered one of the world’s first churches, built on a site believed to have once housed the Ark of the Covenant. The site, emerging from the soil in a few acres in the hills of the Israeli occupied West Bank, is richly decorated with brightly coloured mosaics and inscriptions referring to Jesus Christ.
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A significant find, coming close on the hills of the recent discvery of the early church at Megiddo. Dating from the fourth century it’s clearly a very early church building and the fact that it refers to itself by the name ‘Shiloh’ shows that the congregation recognised the significance of the place. However, the association with the Ark is a bit less, well, definite than the story makes out. The Ark certainly was in Shiloh, but some 1400 years before this church was built.