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Archbishop Rowan annoys the Telegraph (again)

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[Archbishop says nativity ‘a legend’->] splutters the Telegraph with it’s usual frothing at the mouth. The Archbishop, you see, has had the temerity to suggest that there weren’t three kings present at the birth of Jesus. Or any kings in fact. And that – hold yourself steady – there may not have been an ass or an ox there either.

Shocking. He’ll be telling us next that Mary wasn’t dressed in blue and that no-one had any haloes. Really, you’ve got to feel for the man. All he does is point out what is actually in the Bible and some pinheads who pass for journalists at the Telegraph go berserk.  (One of whom, apparently, is the [Editor -in-chief of the Catholic Herald->]. He really should know better.)

Actually reading the Bible, as opposed to glancing at the Christmas cards, reveals that not only was there no kings, there was no stable and, in all probability, no inn. (The word usually translated as ‘inn’ actually means ‘guest room’.) I heard the interview yesterday and at no point did Rowan Williams deny the historicity of the nativity accounts – he just tried to point out what they actually say, as opposed to what people think they say. But bless him, that’s his problem. He does read and study and think about things. And it’s quite clear people don’t want that out of an Archbishop.
And, of course, what’s really annoying about him is that I had a press release out about the real truth about Christmas, based on a chapter from [my latest book->]. No chance of getting that covered now, is there? Not when the Archbishop’s doing the job so well.