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Archbishop calls for the City to repent

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Good stuff from the Archbish over peoples’  ongoing anger towards the City. Whatever the facts of the matter, there is a widespread perception that there has been no real repentance. As the Archbishop said in a Newsnight interview:

”There hasn’t been a feeling of closure about what happened last year.

”There hasn’t been what I would, as a Christian, call repentance. We haven’t heard people saying ‘well actually, no, we got it wrong and the whole fundamental principle on which we worked was unreal, was empty’.”

It is not the people  at the top of the tree who suffer most in these crises – it is the people much further down the supply chain: the workers, the small businesses. The banking industry (at least those at the top) seems to be immune from the consequences of their actions and their incompetence. And unless people see real repentance – which means not just saying ‘sorry’ but turning around and acting differently in the future – anger and resentment will continue to grow.