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The tomb of James, Thomas and Olivia…

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They’ve discovered the tomb of Jesus! It must be his, it’s got his name on it. Look, there’s an ossuary with the name Jesus son of Joseph, and then there’s Mary (must be his Mum) and another Mary (Probably Mary Magdalene) and Joseph (brother) and Judah son of Jesus (Wow! he had a son! Dan Brown was right!) and Matthew (unknown brother. Or son. Or possibly pet dog.)

It must be the tomb of Jesus. James Cameron made the documentary about it and he made Titanic and we all know how historically accurate that film was!

Oh here we go again. Another sensationalist documentary from the people who brought you the Gospel of Judas and all the other rubbish, featuring some archaeologists who no-one’s heard of, some scholars desperately chasing a headline and a load of ignorant nonsense.

So it’s the tomb of someone called Joshua son of Joseph. Those were the 6th and 2nd most popular names in 1st century Palestine. So, it’s got a couple of Marys in there. That’ll be the most popular girl’s name in 1st century Palestine. It’s about as unusual as finding a family with the names of James, Thomas and Olivia is at the moment. And I suggest a visit to any of the private prep schools in the country would throw up several families just like that.

There are many other reasons why this ‘discovery’ is just nonsense. You can [read some of them here->]. And a lot more on Ben Witherington’s blog [here->] and [here->].