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One of my favourite artists is Jordi Savall, the Catalan viol player, who compiles wonderful CDs around historic themes, and packages them with gorgeous, fascinating books. (I’ve just got his new one – The Forgotten Kingdom – about the Cathars in the south of France)

His album Jerusalem is a wonderful evocation of the history of that city, complete with shofar fanfares, Christian, Jewish and Islamic music. You can listen to it on myspace here. Perhaps my favourite piece is the Stavrotheotokia (track 15) which is a Byzantine hymn attributed to Leo VI (886-912). In it, Mary, at the foot of the cross laments ‘Oh my son, you fade before my eyes!’.

For a Good Friday meditation last year I put together that track with a video of Chagall’s White Crucifixion. (See post below)

There’s a low-res version below.