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Old fish and new Kate Bush

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Two major discoveries today. The first is the earliest church in the world, found in Israel and dating from around 300AD. Unfortunately it’s inside a prison, which makes tourism rather tricky, but at least it will be well protected. Significantly the symbolism on the floor is not the cross but the fish. I’ve written elsewhere on this.

And the other great discovery is the new Kate Bush album which is utterly remarkable. KB is like malt whisky or marmite, you love it or hate it: no middle ground. Yes, she’s eccentric and she has some typically Kate ‘moments’ — and those who find her bonkers and incredibly twee will not be swayed by Aerial, which, among other things, has one song where the chorus consists of her singing the numbers of pi and another where she chants ‘washing machine’ rather lovingly. Few writers use metaphors as bravely and movingly as she does. But I think what she does is see the significance beneath the mundane. This album is a celebration of domesticity, and how many pop stars would do that? Most songwriters aren’t even in touch with the ordinary world, let alone able to peel back the skin of everyday life, to show us it in all its glorious, miraculous, transcendent beauty. Utterly wonderful.