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And another thing…

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I don’t know, you wait ages (or not) for another post to come along and then two arrive all at once.

Anyway, I just noticed a few interesting news stories. [A researcher is claiming that Moses was stoned when he was given the ten commandments.->] Although if that was really the case you’d have thought the commandments would have sais things like ‘Thou shalt really love everyone man, cause it’s really, you know, cool.’

And secondly, [the Vatican is ordering priests to be much nicer->]. Apparently they’re a bit aggressive in the confession box. Maybe they ought to try what Moses was smoking.

Finally, I had a great time at the weekend preaching at Sutton Vineyard, a church led by my friend Jason Clark. You can [read Jason’s blog here->] and even [listen to an mp3 of me preaching->].

As for me I’m off to relax with some extract of acacia wood…