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Longest Week at Salisbury Arts Festival

I’m speaking tonight about The Longest Week at the Salisbury Arts Festival. (More info here). Tickets still available if you’re in the area. (Actually they’re stil available even if you’re nowhere near, but you know what I mean…). Here’s the blurb:

What really happened? Nick Page talks about his book The Longest Week reconstructing the events during Jesus’ final days. Nick Page will talk about his book The Longest Week which reconstructs the events during Jesus’ final days. What really happened? It was, historically speaking, nothing much; a death in Jerusalem, a routine execution at the edge of an empire. Yet that execution – and the events surrounding it – was to have a profound effect on the history of the world.

Page’s book explores the claims and explodes the myths. It focuses on the history rather than the spiritual and theological significance of events and uses archaeological research and detailed Biblical analysis to take the reader through The Longest Week.