Nick Page

Donkey: Kingdom of Fools video 1

Why were the first Christians thought of as fools? Who drew the first picture of Jesus on a cross? And what does donkey worship have to do with any of this?

Donkey is the first in a series of videos I’ve produced to accompany the book Kingdom of Fools. It looks at the Roman attitudes towards Christianity and why they were thought of as fools.



Here’s a bit from the book:

To outsiders these first Christians were dubious characters. They were definitely antisocial and probably criminal. Not to mention stupid. Fools. That was the main thing. Celsus, the first pagan author we know to have written against Christianity, claimed that Christianity deliberately set out to attract ‘the foolish, dishonourable and stupid, and only slaves, women and little children’. Celsus claimed that the Christians did not welcome anyone who had been educated, ‘or who is wise, or prudent … but if there are any ignorant, or unintelligent, or uneducated, or foolish persons, let them come with confidence’.

You can visit my vimeo channel here, where all four videos will appear via the power of the interweb. Over the next few days I’ll also be adding pictures and other resources to accompany the book.